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How much do you worth?

July 9th, 2009 · 1 Comment

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Have you ever heard someone say “Give me a price. Everyone have a price”.Have your ever thought of how much you worth? Is there a formula to access or compute the price of a person? is it based on his social status? education level…?  

There is an interesting story about how much a “self-worth”. If you still don’t know how much you worth, please read the below.

Once upon a time, there was a poor and ambitious man, who knew there was another rich man staying in another town. The poor man used all his means to try to see the rich man, hoping that the rich man could enlighten him the way of creating wealth.

The poor man finally met the rich man.

After telling the rich man how poor he was, how miserable his life was and was complaining his situation. 

Poor man asked: “I am poor and I am useless, I worth nothing, can I know why are you so rich? Can you teach me how to get rich?”

Rich man said” Oh…it is very easy to get rich, and I can show you a way to be a millionaire right a way.”

Poor man was so excited and happy after listening to this, he was telling himself, my efforts had eventually paid off.

Poor man swiftly asked: ” Great! Can you show me how?”

Rich man said” Yes. Ok, now I want to do a trading with you. I want to spend millions to buy what you have.”

Poor man is shocked and said “I don’t have things worth millions”.

Rich man smiled and said” No, you have. Now, the deal is – if you willing to cut your hand and sell to me, I will pay you $1,000,000 for each hand”


The poor man said “No way. I need to use my hands to work”.

Then the Rich man said “Fine, I give you a better deal. If you can sell me your foot then I will pay you $5,000,000.”  

The poor man obviously refused as he needs to use his foot to move around.

Rich man said “What about 1 eye of yours? I pay you another $2,000,000. You still leave with 1 more eye to see”.

The poor man hesitated but still refused the offer.

Rich man finally told the poor man that ” You see you are rich. You have so much of valuable things with you, so valuable that I can’t even use millions to buy any of it. You are already a rich man”.

The poor man realised the moral of the story and return home.

After this conversation, he stopped complaining about his current situation and treasured whatever he has in life and he works very hard to improve his life and eventually he “naturally” become a millionaire.  

So now you should know how much do you worth?

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  • 1 Emily // Jul 10, 2009 at 10:38 am

    A great storey, we should treasure whatever we have in our life!

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