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Malaysian Are Angry, So Do I – Death of Teoh Beng Hock

July 20th, 2009 · No Comments

After watching the above videos, I felt extremely upset, angry and furious. I believe most of the Malaysian feel the same way.

I am angry and upset because, I have so many questions in my mind:

1. is this young and kind hearted man sacrified due to so-called political dispute bewteen BN & PKR?

2. why no suspect is arrested till now (on another hand, people that seeking for justice were arrested)?

3. is police handled the investigation professionally?

4. why the minister like to assume Beng Hock “jumped” from the MACC building?

5. why MACC needed to investigate a witness overnight?

6. why did they need to take away a witness’ belonging during questioning?

7. why the chief officer of MACC is still in power, shouldn’t him feel guilty about this and resign from the position?

8. why MACC never take action when serious corruption cases were lodged (e.g. the palace of the former chief minister of selangor and many others)?

9. why another Kugan’s case happens again in Malaysia?

10. why government doesn’t listern to the voice of people to set out Royal Commission to investigate this case till now?

11. why everyone is so so angry this time?

12. why some seemed not angry at all over this tragedy?

13. why do we need to wait for another 4 years?

14. who will be held liable for this tragedy?

15. what will happen to the fiance and the baby without father?

16. how many people actually care about this?

17. why some newspapers were talking nonsense and tried to utilise this event to stir the racial tension?

18. why most of the BN’s minister just keep silence on this issue?

19. why no church speaks out for this injustice (is this a political issue or pure social injustice)?

20. what can we do now?

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