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Most informative legal firm’s website in Singapore

October 6th, 2007 · 1 Comment


Wow…this is the most informative website of a legal firm that I’ve ever seen. It seems that Singaporean lawyers have now taken the website to a further step than a mere “firm’s profile website”.

I am really impressed with the efforts the webmaster put in, despite their daily hectic practice, to build such a content-rich site. In fact this is quite common in many US law firms’ sites, e.g. Baker & Mckenzie.  

Apart from the normal firm’s profile, Ong Tay & Partners’ website contains many free legal tips (FAQ), free legal articles, News and a comprehensive range of useful links…ect.

Websites with these free resources have the adventages of attracting more readers to the sites, so that, more people will get to know these firms. Frequent update of the sites will keep the readers coming back, which is a very effective way to create followers. 

This is also a very good channel to demonstrate the rich knowledge of a particular firm in a particular area, which will deinitely help the firm to win confident amongst the readers.

Through a good website, legal firms are also able to build the “cyber-relationship” with an unpredictable amounts of potential clients.

There are just too many advantages to be mentioned here…

When will Malaysian legal firms seeing this…?

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  • 1 June // Oct 11, 2007 at 4:31 pm

    You’re right – Ong Tay & Partners’ site is pretty good. And your site is pretty cool too!

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